100 Best Places to Work

US News has once again published their list of 100 Best Places to Work. There were a few surprises but none that seemed too irrational. If you’d like, follow the link I’ve provided above to read the entire article. But, that’s not what really caught my attention. Instead it was CRITERIA used to determine. Understand that the thing that motivates me may not be what motivates YOU. Sure, things like salary, location, and reputation are all factors that come in to play when choosing a work place. However, not all of them are worth the same – each criteria has a different weight. In my case I value “Worklife Balance”. In this article, Worklife Balance was given a weight of 5%! I will concede that given the right conditions “work” may not seem like “work” if it’s something in-line with one’s value. In that case – these numbers, weights, and percentages are merely symbols on a screen.

Here’s the evaluation criteria as published by US News. ¬†How would you distribute this criteria given your situation?

  1. Median Salary (30 percent)
  2. Employment Rate (20 percent)
  3. 10-Year Growth Volume (15 percent)
  4. 10-Year Growth Percentage (15 percent)
  5. Job Prospects (10 percent)
  6. Stress Level (5 percent)
  7. Work-Life Balance (5 percent)



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